Our new album Nivalis is out - STREAM NIVALIS HERE

...and This new Music video - WATCH WHILE THIS WAY HERE


In Iceland summer is a time for celebration...,

...For a few precious months the darkness yields to a magical midnight sun and our little island is teeming with activity. In every fjord and fjara birds are nesting, and plants rush to flower and pollinate before the landscape gets immersed in cold again. 


And this summer we, Árstíðir, have multiple reasons to celebrate. This summer marks our 10 year anniversary, and the release of our 5th studio album Nivalis.


Nivalis was a name that we considered for the band at the start of our career. Instead the name became like an alter ego of the band. A word we often used between members when we referred to the band.


Since the release of our last album Hvel in 2015 our line-up has gone back to a trio, with the same three guys that formed the band in 2008. We’re back to basic again, and to commemorate this it felt natural to name our album Nivalis.

The latin word nivalis means "Like Snow," and our album dropped right during our summer solstice, as to underline the meaning of our band's name Árstíðir. We also released our new Music Video for "While This Way" filled with shots of glaciers and snow covered mountain tops.

Summer is a time for celebration, and we hope you will celebrate together with us and let Nivalis be a part of your summer!


/ Daniel, Gunnar & Ragnar

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